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The poem which is named, ‘Life’ by Amir Khan



Stanza No 1.

It’s morning, soon it’s the night

It’s The days are passing like light    

Smile always because short we live

It can be taken away that you have.

Stanza No 2.

Focus on attractive moments in life

Think of loveable people in the slice                  

work on your errors as men do on other   

 Run towards your goal you settled. further           

Stanza No 3.

Try to make others laugh  

which is, no doubt, much tough                                      

live for others, for truly  prosperity                               

Comes only by serving humanity.       

                                                       By Amir khan

This poem is an inspiration to all those who are facing anxiety and tension. We live a very short duration in this world, so we should live it happily. A simile is a symbol of hope and passion and makes you steady.

You need to focus on the moments that you lived very happily and are worth reminding. Spend time with those whom you love the most and you feel satisfied by sitting with them. Work on your errors despite pointing out others’ mistakes and errors. Work for those goals that you have marked for yourself.

Make others laugh and this is, indeed an extremely difficult task to be done. Live your life for others if you want happiness in your life because happiness and pleasure come only by serving humility.


A picture that tells a great story that is based on reality but do you think that creature that is used in the picture is worth representing humans? Isn’t that a sort of degrading humans?


People are nowadays much busier and find no time for their relatives and friends. Their business is to sit online and pass comments over people whom they even don’t know. Everybody is doing the same and everyone has grievances or complaints over one another. First, every individual should give time to their relations, and automatically everyones’ protest would into appreciation.

By Amir khan